Frequent question: Why did Toyota pull Olympic ads?

Toyota said on Monday that it had decided against running Olympics-themed television advertisements in Japan, a symbolic vote of no confidence from one of the country’s most influential companies just days before the Games begin amid a national state of emergency.

Why is there no advertising at the Olympics?

Linking their brand to a pandemic-era Games may be viewed by some as a potential marketing problem. … Toyota, one of the Olympic Games’ biggest sponsors, said it will not run Tokyo 2020-related adverts during the event, which begins on Friday. It said it made the decision due to lack of public interest in Japan.

Is Tokyo losing money on Olympics?

But the large amount of money that Tokyo will burn by hosting the event fits right in with the financial bonfires still burning at many former Olympic locations. Tokyo initially said it would spend $7.3 billion, but a 2019 government audit put the actual spending at around $28 billion.

Can Olympic athletes do commercials?

Essentially, Rule 40 prohibits athletes (and others who are accredited for the Games ) from agreeing to appear in all forms of advertising during, and for a short period before, the Games, without permission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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