How long has beach volleyball been in the Olympics?

Beach volleyball made its Olympic debut at Barcelona 1992 as a demonstration sport, before it became part of the sports programme at Atlanta 1996. Beach volleyball uses a slightly smaller court than the indoor game (16m x 8m) and is divided in half by a net.

Why do they keep changing the rules of volleyball?

The purpose of changing the game rules in volleyball, service, improve defense and block the combination of location, and to extend the service to meet the ball in play situation by reducing the effects of attack.

Who is the best beach volleyball player in the world?

Top 20 Rankings as of May 7, 2018.

Top 20 Rankings as of May 7, 2018.
Rank Pair Points
1 Phil Dalhausser & Nick Lucena 5,220
2 Bartosz Łosiak & Piotr Kantor 5,080
3 Alexander Brouwer & Robert Meeuwsen 4,480

What is the libero?

role in volleyball game

In volleyball: The game. One change created the libero, a player on each team who serves as a defensive specialist. The libero wears a different colour from the rest of the team and is not allowed to serve or rotate to the front line.

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