How many games were included in Special Olympic games?

What are Games? On any given day, Special Olympics athletes are competing all around the world in 32 Olympic-type sports.

Which games are included in Special Olympics?

Special Olympics Summer Sports

  • Special Olympics offers many summer sports for athletes with intellectual disabilities. …
  • Athletics encompasses sprints, longer runs, high jump, long jump, discus, shot put and other track-and-field events. …
  • Hand-eye coordination meets quick footwork in a well-played badminton match.

How many games are included in Special Olympics Bharat A 15 B 24 C 20 D 18?

Answer: 24 games are included in special Olympics Bharat. mark it.

How many games are introduced in Special Olympics Bharat?

743 Athletes have participated at the Special Olympics World Summer Games since 1987 until 2015. Through participation across 8 World Summer Games they have won 286 Gold, 304 Silver and 378 Bronze Medals to an overall tally of 968.

How do you qualify for Special Olympics World Games?

The Special Olympics World Games takes place every two years and alternates between summer and winter. Qualifying for the Special Olympics takes determination and hard work. Before you are eligible, you must win a gold medal at a state completion and your name is entered into a pool of qualified individuals.

Who are the participants in Special Olympics Bharat?


  • Young Athletes (Age 2 to 7 years) 3,29,812.
  • Traditional Special Athletes (Age 8 above) 14,21,126.
  • Coaches (For Young Athletes) 28,277.
  • Coaches (For Traditional Special Athletes) 1,21,569.
  • Trainer 7,186.
  • Volunteers 91,968.
  • Families 2,71,926.
  • B. Organizing Training & Competitions for Athletes & Coaches.
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Who started Special Olympic Bharat?

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