Is cross country still in the Olympics?

Cross country running is still an event at the Olympic Games, though it is contested only as the fifth discipline of the modern pentathlon. There is some lobbying for a cross-country running event to be included in the Winter Olympics program.

How long is cross country in the Olympics?

The women’s event is 10km and the men’s event is 15km. Each team has four skiers, each of whom skis one of the four 5km (women) or 10km (men) relay legs.

Is cross country harder than track?

You’ll definitely consider track easier than cross country if you’re better at sprinting, whether that be the 100m, 200m, or 400m. In a lot of cases, track is considered easier than cross country. Personal preference is a big part of the answer. If your talking running the same distance on both terrains.

XC skiing is extremely popular in Norway, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and the US. While you may be tempted to try cross country skiing in Norway which is considered to be the founder of this sport, it is a highly popular sport in Canada as well as a favorite winter pastime in Vermont, USA.

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