Quick Answer: Who is the narrator of the story my greatest Olympic prize?

In My greatest Olympic prize the narrator Jesse Jones gives a first account of his experience at the Olympics in Berlin in 1936. The author uses simple and straightforward language to describe his friendship with a German athlete.

What is the setting of the story my greatest Olympic prize?

The story is set in the backdrop of Berlin Olympics 1936 where the writer first met his German rival in the board jump Luz Long and they went on to become good friends. True friendship and true sportsmanship are the main themes of the story.

What is the main theme of the story my greatest Olympic prize?

Jesse Owens’ autobiographical writing ‘My Greatest Olympic Prize’ celebrates the themes of true friendship and true sportsmanship. It is an account of his friendship with Luz Long, his German rival in the board jump event in Berlin Olympics 1936.

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What made the speaker bitter my greatest Olympic prize?

Ans. The speaker was determined to go on broad jump track. He intended to take home one or two gold medals in the event of the broad jump, as he wants to break the myth of Aryan Superiority, that their participants belong to “master race”.

Who is Jesse Owens in my greatest Olympic prize?

In his autobiographical account “My Greatest Olympic Prize”, Jesse Owens confesses that the German athlete Luz Long’s friendship was the greatest Olympic prize to him.

What was the greatest Olympic prize?

In the finals, Jesse Owens won and secured gold medals, but the friendship he formed with Luz Long was what he calls his greatest Olympic Prize and considered it 24-carat pure.

What was the first Olympic Prize?

The now-familiar gold, silver and bronze line-up first appeared at the St Louis games in 1904. As they were retroactively awarded, though, it could be claimed that American James Connelly was first to go gold for winning the triple jump on the first morning of the 1896 Athens Olympics.

How does Luz Long exemplify the true sporting spirit?

How did Luz Long exemplify the true sporting spirit? Answer: Luz Long, noticing a world record holder pathetically fouling, understood the reason behind it, Without hesitation, despite being an opponent, he extends an arm of friendship to Owens.

How do the poem nine gold medals and the story my greatest Olympic prize appreciate the theme of true sportsmanship?

Answer: In the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’, the poet shows the true sportsman spirit and how it was rewarded in the end. In a Special Olympics racing event, one of the nine athletes took a tumble by chance and lost all his hope of winning the race after so hard training.

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Which event was the speaker focusing on why what was the surprise that awaited him?

Explanation: In Berlin , a great surprise was waiting for Jesse Owens . He saw a German athlete , Luz long , who was to take part in long jump event . he could hit 26 feet on his practice jump .

What made Jesse feel good?

When Jesse failed to qualify for the finals in his first two attempts out of three, Luz went towards him and made him calm. Jesse felt good when Luz asked him not to bother about anything and told him to just close his eyes and he would qualify. (b) What were Long’s views about Hitler’s , Aryan supremacy theory?

What was the greatest Olympic prize for Owens Luz Long was the perfect example of true sportsman justify?

Luz Long was one of his greatest athletes and was sure of winning the gold medal. He was hitting 26 feet almost all the time in practice and was sure of winning the medal. He gave Jesse Owens tips on how he could improve his jump and that helped him to win the gold medal.

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