What figure skater is the youngest gold medalist in the Olympic Games?

Tara Lipinski becomes youngest Olympic figure skating gold medalist. On February 20, 1998, 15-year-old Tara Lipinski wins the gold medal in women’s figure skating at the Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, and becomes the youngest gold medalist in her sport. Lipinski donned her first pair of skates at age six.

How old can figure skaters be?

The minimum competition age in figure skating is 15, but may be raised to 17 to prevent the abuse of young athletes.

What killed Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya?

Who is the youngest figure skater?

German figure skater Maxi Herber is the youngest Olympic figure skating champion (at the age of 15 years and 128 days) when she won gold in pair skating together with Ernst Baier at the 1936 Winter Olympics. American figure skater Scott Allen is the youngest Olympic medalist in figure skating.

Where is Nicole Bobek now?

Shortly after her Olympic failure, Nicole Bobek was caught selling illicit substances. It was an all-time low for the figure skater. However, she was eventually given a second chance and has since made amends for her dark years. She now has a deep passion for performing at circuses.

How old do you have to be to be in the Olympics?

Here Are All The Gold Medals Team USA Won in Tokyo

In diving, however, the age limit is 14 years old to compete in an Olympic Games. That restriction gave way to another teen sensation, China’s Quan Hongchan, who scored two perfect dives in the women’s 10m platform on her way to an historic gold medal.

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