What is the purpose of the Olympic flame journey?

The Olympic flame is often associated with a message of peace and hope, as it is carried around the host nation, and as such has become one of the most powerful symbols of the Olympic Movement.

What is the purpose of the Olympic flame?

The Olympic flame is a symbol used in the Olympic movement. It is also a symbol of continuity between ancient and modern games.

How does the Olympic torch work?

The flame is lit according to the ancient method of the sun’s rays in the parabolic mirror. The Olympic flame can only be lit in this way. The flame is placed in an urn and transported into the ancient stadium where it is given to the first runner by the high priestess responsible for this operation.

What does the Olympic flame symbolize answer?

The Olympic Flame symbolises continuity between the ancient and modern games. On the opening day of the Games, the torch is taken into the stadium and the chosen torchbearer lights the cauldron. This ritual symbolizes the continuity between ancient times and the new generations.

Has anyone ever dropped the Olympic torch?

In an inspirational sequence, Marcia Malsar fell and dropped her torch, got back up and finished her relay leg during the Rio Paralympic Opening Ceremony.

Does the Olympic Flame stay lit?

And while this relay has been largely spectator-free, the flame’s destination remains the same: the Olympic cauldron, which stays lit for the duration of the Games. Over the decades, the torch’s appearance has become an important part of the custom.

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