What was Queen Elizabeth Park before the Olympics?

Previously known as Eton Manor during the London 2012 Games, it is now home of England Hockey. As well as including two hockey pitches, there are four indoor tennis courts and six outdoor courts. The stylish clubhouse alone cost £30 million. In 2014 EuroHockey Championships were also held here.

How much did the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park cost?

Holding 80,000 for the Olympics and the Paralympics, it re-opened in July 2016 with 66,000 seats, but with capacity for football limited to 60,000 under the terms of the lease.

London Stadium.

Construction cost £486 million (£679 million in 2021 pounds) £274 million (2013–16 renovations)

Why was Stratford chosen for the Olympics?

It is a global city with a reputation across the world. Its multicultural population meant that all countries would be well supported at the games. Stratford was and still is a deprived area. … during the Games and will benefit from the sports venues, parks and jobs afterwards.

How safe is Stratford?

Stratford is safe, with plenty of transport to and from central London: buses, the Underground, the DLR, the Overground and other National Rail trains.

Does regeneration lead to gentrification?

Managing the Potential Undesirable Impacts of Urban Regeneration: Gentrification and Loss of Social Capital. One of the unintended consequences of urban regeneration is gentrification. Gentrification is a shift in an urban community toward wealthier residents and businesses, with consequent increases in property values …

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Why is regeneration needed geography?

By regenerating an area, business opportunities arise which improve social facilities and overall quality of life and wellbeing. inequalities. Gated communities, ‘sink estates’, commuter villages and declining rural settlements are high priority areas.

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