What was so unusual about the 1948 Olympics?

The 1948 Olympic Games were also the first of two summer Games held under the IOC presidency of Sigfrid Edström. The event came to be known as the Austerity Games because of the difficult economic climate and rationing imposed in the aftermath of World War II.

Where was the 1948 Olympics held?

Which of these two countries were not invited to the 1948 Olympic Games in London?

1948, London

Following world war two, the Olympics took on a greater political significance as participation came to symbolise political recognition and legitimacy. Germany and Japan were not invited to London because of their war-time roles, while the Soviet Union was invited but did not show up.

Did Germany compete 1948 Olympics?

Athletes from Germany (GER) have appeared in 27 of the 30 Summer Olympic Games, having competed in all Games except those of 1920, 1924 and 1948, when they were not permitted to do so. Germany has hosted the Summer Olympic Games twice; the 1936 Games in Berlin, and the 1972 Games in Munich.

When was the last Olympic held?

List of Olympic Host Cities

Olympiad Year Host City, Country
XXIX 2008 Beijing, China
XXX 2012 London, England, UK
XXXI 2016 Rio, Brazil
XXXII 2021 Tokyo, Japan

How much did the 1948 Olympic Games cost?


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Host City Year Total Costs
St. Moritz Winter Olympics 1928 CHF706,000
Los Angeles Summer Olympics 1932
Berlin Summer Olympics 1936 $30,000,000
London Summer Olympics 1948
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