What year did Muhammad Ali carry the Olympic torch?

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer spoke passionately about Ali the day after his death during a ceremony June 4, 2016, outside Metro Hall. “We all remember the incredible moment in 1996 when Muhammad held that burning torch in his trembling hand and lit the Olympic flame in Atlanta.

What year did Muhammad Ali light the Olympic torch?

The torch’s final leg is the Olympic flame relay’s most-visible moment, and one of the games’ most-choreographed bits of stagecraft. In the last quarter century or so, since Muhammad Ali lit the torch at the 1996 games in Atlanta, it has often gone to a host nation’s most august sports icons.

Who passed Ali the torch in Atlanta?

The end of the relay took place on July 19, 1996, at the opening ceremony in Atlanta. Four-time gold medal-winning discus thrower Al Oerter carried the torch to the stadium, passing it to Evander Holyfield.

How long is the Olympic torch run?

The torch relay is subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Summer Olympics torch relay.

Host city Tokyo, Japan
Distance 20,000 kilometres (12,000 mi)
Theme Hope Lights Our Way
Start date 12 March 2020 (Greece) 25 March 2021 (Japan relay)
End date 25 March 2020 (Japan) 23 July 2021 (Japan relay)
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How many career knockouts did Ali have?

Boxing career of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali
Wins 56
Wins by KO 37
Losses 5
Website muhammadali.com

How much is a 1984 Olympic torch worth?

Last year, an Olympic torch carried by Caitlin Jenner at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics ultimately sold at auction for $24,000, well over its tangible worth. Most of the value of the Olympic torch is personal. Almost no one I spoke with who had carried the torch on the Olympic relay was selling the torch they carried.

Did OJ Simpson carry the Olympic torch?

It took a chain of 4,200 runners–running one-kilometer segments over 82 days–to deliver the Olympic torch across the U.S. to Los Angeles. Just days before the Opening Ceremonies at the Coliseum, O.J. Simpson carried the torch in Santa Monica.

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