When did beach volleyball become an Olympic sport?

Beach Volleyball was first welcomed as an Olympic discipline at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and is now one of the most popular Olympic sports thanks to the professional athletes, a healthy and colourful ambience, exciting competition and entertainment, and the equal treatment of men and women.

Which beach volleyball is best?

Best Beach Volleyballs

  • Spalding. King of the Beach Volleyball. …
  • Mikasa. VLS300 Beach Champ Volleyball. …
  • GoSports. Pro Series Beach Volleyball. …
  • Wilson. Official AVP II Outdoor Volleyball. …
  • Under Armour. 295 Beach Volleyball.

How many times can a volleyball player hit the ball?

A ball may be played three times on one side providing the same player does not touch the ball twice in succession. EXCEPTIONS: A. A ball hit simultaneously by two team mates is considered as one hit, and either player may contact the ball a second time.

Why does beach volleyball only have 2 players?

Why Are There Only Two Players In Beach Volleyball? The beach game was developed organically on the beach and one of the things that commonly happens is it’s difficult to get enough players to play a game of traditional 6-on-6 in a beach setting.

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