Which country has hosted the Olympics only once?

Australia, France, Germany and Greece have all hosted the Summer Olympic Games twice. Countries that have hosted the Summer Olympics once are: Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, the Soviet Union and Sweden.

Which cities have hosted the Summer Olympics?

Summer Olympic Games

  • 1896 Athens, Greece.
  • 1900 Paris, France.
  • 1904 St. Louis, United States.
  • 1908 London, England.
  • 1912 Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 1916 Cancelled (WWI – Berlin had been awarded)
  • 1920 Antwerp, Belgium.
  • 1924 Paris, France.

Who is going to host the Olympics in 2024?

On 13 September at the IOC Session in Lima, it was confirmed that Paris and Los Angeles will host the Olympic Games 2024 and 2028 respectively, following the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) historic decision to award both Games simultaneously.

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