Which country won the Chess Olympiad 2020?

2020 FIDE Online Chess Olympiad
Venue Online (hosted by Chess.com)
Location Online
Team medalists
Open India and Russia

Who Won Chess Olympiad 2020?

2020 Chess Olympiad: India, Russia declared joint winners after server malfunction. Chennai: India and Russia were on Sunday declared joint winners of the 2020 Online Chess Olympiad after the final was marred by internet disconnection and server malfunction.

Who won the FIDE Online Chess Olympiad 2020?

India and Russia declared joint winners of the Online Chess Olympiad. After a 3-3 tie in the first round, where all six games ended in a draw, the second and decisive match was impacted by a global internet outage, that severely affected many countries including India.

Which two countries where declared the combined winner of the online chess Olympiad 2020?

This was the first Chess Olympiad to take place online, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The final match between Russia and India was called off after several Indian team members experienced connectivity issues due to a global outage of Cloudflare servers; Russia and India were subsequently declared joint winners.

Where does Vidit Gujrathi play chess?

In November 2019, Vidit played with the world champion Magnus Carlsen at Tata Steel Chess India Blitz in Kolkata.

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What is the prize money for World Chess Championship?

Prize money

The total prize fund was US$1,600,000, with the first prize of US$110,000.

Which two countries were declared the combined winner of?

Notes: In the 2020 FIDE Chess Olympiad, India and Russia were declared joint winners. This was so because the final game was disrupted by internet disconnection. This was the first time FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs) conducted the Olympiad in an online mode.

How many rounds are there in Chess Olympiad?

Each pool will play a round-robin of nine rounds, with the top two teams from each pool (8 total) qualifying for the Playoff.

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