Who lit the torch at the 2000 Olympics?

Games Location Lighter
1998 Winter Nagano Midori Ito
2000 Summer Sydney Cathy Freeman
2002 Winter Salt Lake City The 1980 U.S. Olympic ice hockey team
2004 Summer Athens Nikolaos Kaklamanakis

Who carries the torch in the Olympics?

Although most of the time the torch with the Olympic flame is still carried by runners, it has been transported in many different ways. The fire travelled by boat in 1948 and 2012 to cross the English Channel and was carried by rowers in Canberra as well as by dragon boat in Hong Kong in 2008.

How much is a Sydney 2000 Olympic torch worth?

The torch is now roughly worth around $2500. “I’m never going to sell mine,” Mr Smith said. For those wanting to get their hands on a Sydney 2000 torch they have hit online marketplaces and auction rooms in record numbers.

How long is the Olympic torch run?

The torch relay is subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Summer Olympics torch relay.

Host city Tokyo, Japan
Distance 20,000 kilometres (12,000 mi)
Theme Hope Lights Our Way
Start date 12 March 2020 (Greece) 25 March 2021 (Japan relay)
End date 25 March 2020 (Japan) 23 July 2021 (Japan relay)
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Has anyone ever dropped the Olympic torch?

In an inspirational sequence, Marcia Malsar fell and dropped her torch, got back up and finished her relay leg during the Rio Paralympic Opening Ceremony.

What keeps the Olympic torch lit?

At the ceremony, a parabolic mirror and the sun’s rays are used to ignite the Olympic flame. The flame is then passed on to the first torchbearer of the Olympic torch relay. This is usually done months in advance of the Games, but the flame for the Tokyo Olympics actually was produced over a year ago.

Does the Olympic torch go around the world?

Until 2008, the flame usually travelled through several countries before arriving at its final destination. As from 2010, the Torch Relay has mainly taken place in Greece and the country of the host city, to where the flame is directly transported from Athens.

How much is a 1984 Olympic torch worth?

Last year, an Olympic torch carried by Caitlin Jenner at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics ultimately sold at auction for $24,000, well over its tangible worth. Most of the value of the Olympic torch is personal. Almost no one I spoke with who had carried the torch on the Olympic relay was selling the torch they carried.

How much is a 2002 Olympic torch worth?

Well, at auction, we would expect the torch to sell for $2,000… (gasps) …to $3,000.

Can you buy an Olympic torch?

Will the torch be sold to the general public? The torch will not be sold. Torchbearers will be able purchase a torch.

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