Why were the 1908 Olympics moved from Rome to London?

The Olympics were originally scheduled to be held in Rome; however, Mount Vesuvius erupted on 7 April 1906. The natural disaster caused a financial strain on the Italian government. Then the venue was changed to London.

Why were the 1908 Olympic Games moved from Rome to London?

31, 1908. The London Games were the fourth occurrence of the modern Olympic Games. The 1908 Olympic Games originally were scheduled for Rome, but, with Italy beset by organizational and financial obstacles, it was decided that the Games should be moved to London.

What happened at the 1908 Olympics?

The 1908 Games were originally scheduled to be held in Rome, but were relocated on financial grounds following the violent eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1906 which claimed more than 100 lives. Rome eventually hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics.

Medal count.

Nation Italy (ITA)
Gold 2
Silver 2
Total 4

When was the last Olympic held?

List of Olympic Host Cities

Olympiad Year Host City, Country
XXIX 2008 Beijing, China
XXX 2012 London, England, UK
XXXI 2016 Rio, Brazil
XXXII 2021 Tokyo, Japan
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