You asked: Can you get to Olympic National Park without a car?

You cannot get anywhere in Olympic National Park without a car. This trip is impossible unless you and your friends rent a car.

How do I get from Seattle to Olympic National Park without a car?

The best way to get from Seattle to Olympic National Park without a car is to bus which takes 3h 57m and costs $80 – $110.

How do you get around national parks without a car?

You can get transit to a nearby town (which may or may not border the park), then walk in and hike your way around for a while. There are no park shuttles and summer can be incredibly busy, but it’s the largest area you could reasonably expect to reach and most people stick to just a few areas anyway.

Do you need a car to see Yellowstone?

Getting Around Yellowstone

Guided tours of the park are also available. A car is necessary for visiting different regions and attractions. Yellowstone consists of 310 miles of paved roads that make getting around fairly easy. … You can rent a car from any of the airports that service the park.

Which national parks can you visit without a car?

Yosemite National Park is one of the easiest western parks to visit by train—and without a car.

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How can I travel to America without a car?

How to Travel Without a Car in North America

  1. Fly. Flying is obviously the easiest way to get from city to city in North America, but unfortunately its not usually the cheapest. …
  2. Train. The train is a really great way to travel without a car. …
  3. Bus. This is another option for budget travel without a car. …
  4. Rideshare. …
  5. Hitchhike.

Is there a shuttle at Olympic National Park?

Olympic Hiking Company Trailhead Shuttles– Olympic Hiking Co. is commercially authorized to provide guided hiking tours and trailhead shuttles throughout Olympic National Park. Each year year, our trailhead shuttle service typically serves over 500 backpackers throughout the Olympic Peninsula.

What is the closest city to Olympic National Park?

Towns & Cities Near Olympic National Park

  • Port Angeles, WA. 1.8 mi / 6 mins.
  • Sequim, WA. 17.3 mi / 26 mins.
  • Port Townsend, WA. 47.5 mi / 1 hour 5 mins.
  • Forks, WA. 56.5 mi / 1 hour 9 mins.
  • Neah Bay, WA. 70.6 mi / 1 hour 41 mins.
  • Seattle, WA. 82.4 mi / 2 hours 32 mins.
  • Hoodsport, WA. 83.6 mi / 1 hour 43 mins.
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