You asked: Why is the Olympic Peninsula so wet?

The ocean is also the source of most of the Peninsula’s weather systems. Great storm clouds brimming with moisture move inland and run into the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. The mountains force clouds upward. … The west side valleys in Olympic National Park are the wettest spots in the continental United States.

Why is the Olympic Peninsula so Rainy?

Olympic has a reputation for rain—and true, parts of the peninsula receive 12 feet of rain every year. Moist air from the Pacific moves east and collides with the Olympic Mountains, dropping its precipitation on the central peninsula. … The mild climate plus the rain is what creates the perfect habitat for a rainforest.

How much does it rain in the Olympic Peninsula?

The annual precipitation on the Peninsula varies greatly upon location. The southwest portion of the Peninsula (Quinault, Queets, Hoh) is the wettest with an average rainfall of over 140 inches in the lowlands and over 200 inches in the higher mountain elevations.

How often does it rain in Hoh Rain Forest?

The Hoh Rain Forest records an average of almost 12 feet (3.6 meters) of rain every year!

Does it snow in the Hoh Rain Forest?

The rainforests, including the Hoh and Quinault, are excellent destinations once a bit of the snow melts. … More than 9 feet of snow — 112 inches — was measured at 8 a.m. Saturday at the Ridge snow stake, according to the park road and weather phone line at 360-565-3131.

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How many days a year does it rain in Olympic National Park?

How much does it rain in Olympic National Park? In Olympic National Park, during the entire year, the rain falls for 149 days and collects up to 56.31″ (1430.2mm) of precipitation.

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