Your question: When was the Olympic marathon first introduced?

Eighteen men lined up at the start of the first Olympic Marathon on 10 April 1896. Of the four foreign runners only Gyula Kellner, a Hungarian, had run the distance before as a time trial.

Who cheated in the 1904 Olympic marathon?

Frederick Lorz

Personal information
Born June 5, 1884 New York, New York
Died February 4, 1914 (aged 29)
Country United States

Is the story of marathon true?

The marathon race was created in 1896 to honor the legendary run of Greek messenger Pheidippides from Marathon to Athens. Though the story is almost certainly a myth, it is based on an even more impressive feat of endurance.

Who won the 1912 Olympics?

United States won the most gold medals (25), while Sweden won the most medals overall (65).

1912 Summer Olympics.

Poster for the 1912 Summer Olympics, designed by Olle Hjortzberg
Host city Stockholm, Sweden
Nations 28
Athletes 2,406 (2,359 men, 47 women)
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