How many disciplines are there in Special Olympics?

Approximately 7,000 athletes from 150 countries competed over 18 disciplines.

How many disciplines are held in Special Olympics?

The Special Olympics at Abu Dhabi will witness sporting action involving a total of 24 disciplines: Athletics, basketball, badminton, beach volleyball, bocce, bowling, cycling, equestrian, football, golf, gymnastics (artistic and rhythmic), handball, judo, kayaking, open water swimming, powerlifting, roller skating, …

How many categories are there in the Olympics?

How many sports are in the Olympics? There are 33 sports and 46 disciplines in the official 2021 Olympic program.

Who are allowed to participate in the Special Olympic Games?

In the Special Olympics, an athlete must be at least eight years of age and be identified by an agency or professional as having an intellectual disability to be eligible to participate. A unique system of ‘divisioning’ groups athletes together for competition based on age, gender and ability.

What are the 4 types of Olympic Games?

The Olympics include the summer games, winter games, and Paralympic Games. Each type of games is held every four years, with the winter and summer games held two years apart from each other. In this entry, we’ll look at the history of the Olympic Games and the traditional symbols of the Games.

What are the 3 Olympic values?

Excellence, Respect and Friendship are the three core values of Olympism and are a central focus at the Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games. Excellence means doing the best we can, on the field of play or in our professional life.

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