Is cengage enough for Olympiad?

Is cengage good for Physics Olympiad?

Cengage is one of the finest books for jee advanced i have solved mechanics1 and mechanics2 part and i agree that it has good quality content and very good for competition level…i am currently in allen kota and by using these books i can say that the allen kota material and the content in cengage phy collection is …

Is only cengage enough for JEE Advanced?

Yes it is more than enough for JEE Advanced. All the books in the Cengage’s math series are excellent. They are the best book for Calculus and Coordinate Geometry.

Is cengage DPP enough?

So, yes this book and NCERT are enough for JEE Advanced and boards. And also it will be better if you make notes of your own. Cengage books are excellent for JEE Advanced preparations.

Is cengage maths enough for JEE?

Cengage maths for jee advanced

In my opinion, it is enough for jee advanced exam. When it comes to theory other books like R.S. Agrawal are better in theory then Cengage but when it comes to problems this book is excellent.

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Is Krotov good for Olympiad?

Krotov is more relevant for the physics olympiad than IIT JEE. The problems in this book are of puzzle type and needs a lot of thinking and imagination to solve them.

Is HC Verma enough for IPHO?

HC Verma is a really good book to understand the concepts and develop the ability to apply those analytically to solve problems. But ,the problems in IPhO may require much deeper level and intricate understanding ,much beyond the level of questions asked in JEE.

Is Cengage better or arihant?

Both books are equally good and you cannot compare between them but the best for jee mains and advanced preparations (especially for advanced preparation) is Cengage series. Cengage series is more preferred because it helps in giving exact idea about questions asked in jee advance.

Is RD Sharma enough for JEE mains?

RD Sharma is enough for JEE mains 2020. Solve each and every question with great concentration. the book will build your concept strong and give your strong base for JEE mains examination. Hope this will help you good luck.

Which is better a Das Gupta or Cengage?

Really cengage is better than a d gupta . ad Gupta is not that good but cengage is much better with ample theory and questions.

Is cengage good for IIT?

Cengage books are very good for JEE preparation. Its theory content is very good for bulding concepts. You have to read the book sincerely and regularly practice mock questions not only of cengage books but give mock test series also. This will give you idea of the level of questions asked in the JEE exam.

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Are cengage books good for NEET?

Cengage Physics is a very good book for preparing for NEET. It has explained everything in detail and has sufficient mcqs to practice, the archive section too is worth practising . Cengage Chemistry is not that good book to refer , the detailing is not up to the mark.

Are cengage books good for JEE mains?

Yes, Cengage is good for JEE mains and advance. It covers all the syllabus up to advanced level and if you solve this book you never need any book for preparing JEE advanced and mains.

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