Which country won the first ever Olympic softball in 1996?

Team USA wins first-ever Olympic gold in softball in 1996.

Who was on the 1996 Olympic softball team?

Women’s National Team

No. Name College
1 Dot Richardson UCLA
15 Julie Smith Fresno State
32 Michele Smith Oklahoma State
35 Shelly Stokes Fresno State

Who carried the Olympic flag in 1996?

It was carried by 8 American Olympians from the past while the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performed the tune “Simple Gifts.” Then the Olympic flag was raised while the Olympic Hymn was played by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and sung by the Centennial Olympic Choir.

What is the player who wears a mask in softball?

Softball-Advanced Team Exam

Question Answer
The player who wears a mask Catcher
The zone where the pitcher tries to throw her pitches Strike
The shape of a playing field Diamond
The city where softball began Chicago

Which city of United States hosted Olympic Games in 1996?

1996 Summer Olympics: Atlanta, Georgia

A dozen years later, the Summer Olympics returned to the United States when Atlanta hosted the 1996 Games. For the first time in the history of the Olympics, all 197 recognized National Olympic Committees participated.

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