Who carried the first Olympic torch?

At the first Olympic torch relay, the flame was transported from Olympia to Berlin over 3,187 kilometers (1,980 miles) by 3,331 runners in twelve days and eleven nights.

Who has carried the Olympic torch?

People who have lit the Olympic cauldron

Games Location Lighter
2016 Summer Rio de Janeiro Jorge Gomes (public cauldron)
2018 Winter Pyeongchang Yuna Kim
2020 Summer Tokyo Naomi Osaka (stadium cauldron)
Ayaka Takahashi (public cauldron)

Did James McAvoy carry the Olympic torch?

Hollywood actor James McAvoy ran a leg in his native Glasgow, saying he said he was ”proud” and ”quite emotional” to be carrying the torch through his home town. … He added that the Games were for everybody, not just Londoners.

Who carried the Olympic torch in 1964?

On the following day, the final relay stage during which the route went from the Imperial Palace to the National Stadium, the flame was carried by five men and two women before being handed to the final runner, Yoshinori Sakai, at the Opening Ceremony.

Who carried the Olympic torch in 2002?

The Torch covered 13,500 miles to its eventual end in Salt Lake City, UT and was carried by 12,012 Torchbearers. Three Scioto County residents were chosen to be Torchbearers through Portsmouth: Chris Lowery, Deanna Adams & Marcia Sanderlin. The Torch passed through 46 of 50 U.S. states.

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Has anyone ever dropped the Olympic torch?

In an inspirational sequence, Marcia Malsar fell and dropped her torch, got back up and finished her relay leg during the Rio Paralympic Opening Ceremony.

How does the Olympic torch stay lit?

The flame is lit according to the ancient method of the sun’s rays in the parabolic mirror. The Olympic flame can only be lit in this way. The flame is placed in an urn and transported into the ancient stadium where it is given to the first runner by the high priestess responsible for this operation.

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