Was there Golf in the 2012 Olympics?

London-area local golf writer Clive Agran is smarting that the 2012 games aren’t featuring golf. … LONDON, U.K. — Right now there are 26 sports being contested at the London Olympics. Because the limit is set at 28 for the summer games, there’s room for two more.

Who won golf Olympics 2012?

Men’s individual

Games Gold Bronze
1900 Paris Charles Sands (USA) David Robertson (GBR)
1904 St. Louis George Lyon (CAN) Burt McKinnie (USA) Francis Newton (USA)
1908–2012 not included in the Olympic program
2016 Rio Justin Rose (GBR) Matt Kuchar (USA)

What sports were in the 2012 Olympics?

The Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today approved the inclusion of a mixed doubles tennis event as well as several changes to the track cycling programme of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Who played golf in the 2016 Olympics?

Justin Rose of Great Britain won the gold medal by two strokes over silver medalist Henrik Stenson of Sweden.

Golf at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Men’s individual.

Men’s golf at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad
Competitors 60 from 34 nations
Winning score 268 (−16)
Justin Rose Great Britain Henrik Stenson Sweden Matt Kuchar United States
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Who is the top 10 golfers in the world?

Men’s World Golf Rankings: Top 10

  • World No 1: Jon Rahm.
  • World No 2: Dustin Johnson.
  • World No 3: Collin Morikawa.
  • World No 4: Xander Schauffele.
  • World No 5: Justin Thomas.
  • World No 6: Bryson DeChambeau.
  • World No 7: Louis Oosthuizen.
  • World No 8: Brooks Koepka.

Who has the second most Olympic medals?

List of Olympic medals over career

No. Athlete Years
1 Michael Phelps 2004–2016
2 Larisa Latynina 1956–1964
3 Marit Bjørgen 2002–2018
4 Nikolai Andrianov 1972–1980

What just became an Olympic sport?

But the other four are complete newcomers: karate, skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing. All six will join Olympic favorites like track and field, swimming, and gymnastics. … There’s just one catch: These six new-for-Tokyo sports won’t all be part of the Paris Summer Games in 2024.

Is this the first time golf is in the Olympics?

Golf appeared at the Olympic Games for the first time in Paris in 1900. It was also on the programme of the Games in St Louis in 1904. … It subsequently did not feature on the programme but has been re-introduced on the programme for the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

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