What does Jesse consider his greatest Olympic prize?

Owens has described the incident of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. … In the finals, Jesse Owens won and secured gold medals, but the friendship he formed with Luz Long was what he calls his greatest Olympic Prize and considered it 24-carat pure.

What does Owens consider as his greatest Olympic prize and why how did Jesse’s outstanding performance affirm that individual excellence rather than race or national origin distinguishes one man or woman from another?

Jesse trained himself hard for six years with the games in mind and was confident that race or national origin had nothing to do with individual performances. … So, Jesse’s success affirmed that only individual excellence distinguishes one man or woman from another, not race or national identity.

What is the message of the story my greatest Olympic prize?

Jesse Owens’ autobiographical writing ‘My Greatest Olympic Prize’ celebrates the themes of true friendship and true sportsmanship. It is an account of his friendship with Luz Long, his German rival in the board jump event in Berlin Olympics 1936. … He was happy to risk his own chance of victory to see his friend happy.

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What made Jesse Owens confident How many gold medals did he win?

Answer : Owens had been confident of winning a gold medal in the running broad jump because, just a year before the Olympic Games, he had set the world’s record of 26 feet 8- 1/4 inches and everybody expected him to win this event easily.

What made the speaker bitter my greatest Olympic prize?

Ans. The speaker was determined to go on broad jump track. He intended to take home one or two gold medals in the event of the broad jump, as he wants to break the myth of Aryan Superiority, that their participants belong to “master race”.

Who is me in the above extract Why does everyone expect him to win?

Answer: (i) ‘Me’ refers to the athlete ‘Jesse Owens’, who was participating in the Broad Jump competition in the Olympic Games of 1936. Everyone expected him to win because an year ago, as a sophomore at Ohio State University, he had set the world record of 26 feet 8-1/4 inches.

What was the first Olympic Prize?

The now-familiar gold, silver and bronze line-up first appeared at the St Louis games in 1904. As they were retroactively awarded, though, it could be claimed that American James Connelly was first to go gold for winning the triple jump on the first morning of the 1896 Athens Olympics.

Why was Jesse angry at Hitler’s ways?

Why was Jesse angry at Hitler’s ways? … He was determined to go out there and show Der Fuhrer (Adolf Hitler) and his master race who was superior and who wasn’t. He wanted to break the Nazis’ superiority theory.

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Who was Luz Long in my greatest Olympic prize?

Luz Long was a tall German athlete. He was a talented athlete. He was a rival of Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympic Games which were held in Berlin, Germany. He was a trump card in the Olympic Meet that year with whom Hitler wanted to prove the racial superiority of Aryans.

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